If a tree stands in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Plantoid taps into the forest by accessing plant biodata on electronic synthesizers to produce music. By combining sound design with nature and technology we create natural ever-changing soundscapes and interactive installations.

Listen to the forest sing.

Plants generate rhythmic electrical pulses in soothing yet totally unpredictable ways. They are sensitive of their environment and we hear music evolve as the plant reacts to everything around it.

Plants make you smile,  listening to plants make music will help you smile longer, hearing a plant control sound as a response to your smile can open doors.

Contact us if you also create plant music, have any questions about plant music, love the idea of plant music, or have upcoming events you would like plant music to be a part of. We are actively booking shows, festivals, installations, exhibits and workshops.

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